VIP Intensives

when it comes to your self care journey investing in the right support is of the utmost Priority. As your self-care specialist, it is my job to help you gain clarity on what you need when it comes to you choosing the terms of your self-care lifestyle. upon completion of our programs and services you will receive strategic self-care strategies, Massive mindset shifts about self-care, and experience complete euphoria. you will go from Surviving to thriving in personal and professional life.

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VIP INtensives

(Investment: $450)


What is A V.I.P Intensive?

A VIP Intensive is an exclusive Deep Dive 1 on 1 strategy session.

you and I spend the afternoon together analyzing and accessing your specific needs to fulfill your self care goals and desires. This is an intense strategy experience, hence the name V.I.P Intensive. You will complete an entire Breakdown and rebuild of everything that has been holding you back and recreating the things that you need to live a (Whole-listic) self care lifestyle.

This transformational VIP Intensive is for you if:

  • You are ready to make yourself the top priority in your life.

  • You are open to implement new techniques and strategies

  • Self care is no longer an option for you. It is a necessity.

  • you are Ready and willing to invest in yourself.

This V.I.P Intensive is not for you if:

  • You rather be last so everyone else can be first in your life.

  • You do not see the value in investing in yourself.

  • You refuse to do the work and implement the strategies and resources given during then sessions.

  • you need Continuous hand holding and arm pulling to start your self care journey.

By the completion of the program you will:

  • have clarity and understanding of your priorities and necessities for your life.

  • know what resources are needed to achieve your goals

  • What beliefs need to be in place to have Continuous positive results

  • a solid strategy plan for executing your goals.

intensives includes:

  • (1) 20 minute Pre-Intensive Intake Session

  • (1) 2.5 Hour Strategy Session

  • Recording of the Session

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