Hey Beautiful !


I’m Jocelyn

A Self Care Specialist and Life Strategist.

I Teach Busy and ambitious Black women how to create a self care lifestyle.

how does this make you feel?

you are living life on your terms.

most of your day is spent taking care of you.

in your spare time you are enjoying family and friends. your money isn’t looking funny and your love life is banging.

you’re able to stay grounded spiritually and travel is your Necessity.

you’re doing what you want and when you want unapologetically.


I created A specific self care plan for my needs and massive transformations happened in my life.

I successfully created a life of peace and abundance.

i now help other women in creating the same abundant self care lifestyle on their terms.

is the self care lifestyle for you?

you might be wondering how you can start living the self care lifestyle.

are you even ready to take the next step to experience these massive transformations? are you ready to work with me?

  • are you frustrated with the way you are experiencing life right now?

  • do you desire to have peace and balance in all areas of your life?

  • are you over being on the struggle bus? you’re ready to experience abundance and Prosperity.

  • you’re afraid of living mediocre for the rest of your life.

Let’s work together

do you Want to take control of your life and create your self care Lifestyle?

Let’s work together.


VIP Intensives

(Investment: $450)


Group Coaching

(Investment: $250)


self care Consultations

(Investment: $150)


Membership Community

(Investment: $150/year)